On Strength and Conditioning

“Yes, I love yoga, but I am a personal trainer and I say you need to also lift some heavier weights.” Nina R


Why I think the truly fit person has cardio, recovery, and strength training.


People ask me all the time how do I “tone” this or that, or how do I lose this (as they point to ____fill in body area___), what do I do? If I want to be truthful, which I do, I have to recommend weightlifting with cardio and a pilates/yoga recovery approach. It’s just what seems to benefit everyone who wants to be at their most fit, healthy, and happy. Notice, this would NOT be the approach someone with very specific goals like say, a physique fitness competition, would take. This general three-prong approach works for most people who have full lives and also want to be THEIR most fit. The benefits of better moods, looking better, performing better at any athletic task, improved sleep, more balanced alignment between mind/body/spirit, stronger bones, stronger muscles, ligaments, and tendons, improved balance and flexibility, improved concentration, more shapely body, more youthful appearance, less likelihood of cardiovascular weaknesses/illnesses, improved self-esteem, etc (I could go on forever haha)…these benefits are endless.


Not only all that, but you’ll look good naked too, and you never know when that might come in handy.





The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character. – Arnold Schwarzenegger


But seriously, most importantly, weight lifting will keep your muscle mass high in comparison to the rest of you make up. It will maintain dense, strong bones, and it will have the effect of maintaining, even speeding up, metabolism. Mentally, endorphins will provide a sense of wellbeing and good mood and increases in mental focus and motivation. Depression and anxiety have been shown to decrease through regular strength training. Self esteem usually improves. One of the best aspects, above all the aforementioned benefits, is the speed with which just 4 weeks of consistent training can be palpably felt and seen.



One of the most exciting things about returning to the gym are the newbie gains (NG) most experience. Have you gotten away from the gym? Need to train privately? DM your questions and let’s get you NGs in 2024



Nina R.